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engrained in our memories meant for reflection and taking stock. on the ninth anniversary a day filled with controversy as the florida a pastor threatening to burn the koran arrives in new york. burning questions days before the gas line explosion an inferno in san bruno, residents complained of a strong smell of gas. could the blaze that killed four have been prevented. holding pattern. to be released from jail after more than 13 months in captivity but freedom put on hold.
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why the change in heart in tehran? we'll have the latest. standing up to cancer a special night as the major television networks united to fight the disease that kills 8 million americans a year. >> the great thing about the human species is that we, the lucky ones, can stand up for the not-so-lucky. >> the special "saving lives" and more ahead early this saturday morning, september 11th, 2010. hi, everyone. welcome to "the early show" on a saturday morning. >> it is an obviously will be an emotional anniversary and day in the history of this country. you know, they say time heals all wounds and i kind of say this every use. i don't know if it applies in this case looking at live
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pictures now of ground zero. still very raw. >> nine years later. >> hard to believe it has been nine years. coming up on this broadcast not only will we visit on the remembrance ceremony that takes place a bit later in the morning but also have an exclusive look at progress being made at ground soshgs the buildings are now starting to really kind of jump up off street level right now. >> something a lot of people wanted to see. >> you can see tangible progress finally. first normally a dave reflection and remembrance this year the anniversary marked also by controversy, the evangelical pastor who threatened to burn the koran as an actist protest against muslims is in new york this morning and we begin our coverage at ground zero this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. after a series of confusing and conflicting statements in florida, pastor terry jones told reporters last night he is always talked out. his presence here in new york is just one way that this year is
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different. the atmosphere here in new york certainly different than in past years, highly charged on an already emotional day. every year since the attacks, september 11th has been a time of remembrance and reflection. family members sfand in the footprints of the twin towers, reading aloud the names of their loved ones. 2,752 people were killed at ground zero. each year on this day, bells in the city toll at 8:46 and 9:03:00 a.m., the exact times the planes struck the world trade center. nine years later, the families of those who lost loved ones are sharply divided over the site of proposed islamic cultural center two blocks north of ground sovmt at least six demonstrations are planned, both for and against the project. authorities expect thousands of protesters and hundreds of police officers will be on hand.
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while one controversy is heating up today, another appears fizzling out. the pastor terry jones arrived in new york late last night hoping for a meeting with the imam behind the center. while it is unclear whether that will take place, his son did say the pastor has no intention of burning the koran on 9/11. at the white house, president obama urged unity saying the united states is not at war with islam. >> our enemies are al qaeda and their allies who are trying to kill us but have killed more muslims than just about anybody on earth. we have to make sure that we don't start turning on each other. >> reporter: here at ground zero, the official ceremony is set to take place starting about an hour and 45 minutes from now at 8:46 there will be a moment of silence. the exact time the first plane hit the north tower. now let's go to my colleague at
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the pentagon this this morning. good morning. >> reporter: elaine, good morning. for the second year in a row the obama will spend the anniversary here at the pentagon saying a few words following a greeting from the secretary of defense robert gates and the chairman of the joint chiefs, admiral mullen. it will be a small but intimate ceremony. reflecting pools and 184 benches outside the pentagon, memorialize those who died. it's here where today president obama will join victims' families, as he did last year, for a wreath laying and moment of silence. >> i think the ceremony will be very much like the memorial itself. it's very simple. it's very somber. it's very reflective. >> reporter: she will be in attendance, her husband of 15 years was on american airlines flight 77 when it crashed into the pentagon. >> i heaurt. i hurt for all the families.
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so, it's difficult. at best, it's difficult. >> reporter: 175 miles north in shanks ville, pennsylvania, the first lady and former first lady will remember the 40 victims of flight 93, also helping to raise money for a memorial there to be completed by the tenth anniversary of 9/11. planners for that shanksville memorial still need to raise another $18 million, nine years later the memorial here at the pentagon is still the only permanent 9/11 memorial completed. chris? >> thank you. one muslim scholar is sharply critical of the planned islamic community center and prayer room near ground zero -- president of the islamic forum for democracy in phoenix. thank you for joining us this morning. we appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. >> let me ask you if you heard a second ago in the poos two competing rallies at ground zero today adding controversy to this sacred day. how do you feel this situation
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can be calmed, if at all? >> yeah, i think today is especially a day we remember and refleblst upon 9/11 and looking over that pit of devastation there and feeling that on today, we look through that lens as americans, not as a muslim, not as of any faith, i don't look through this lens of trying to repair my -- promote islam. it's about fighting the forces that caused this and i think if we're able to unite under that, that's why 71% of americans are against this. it's not because they don't want mosques there, there even mosques closer. many of us have built over 2,000 morvegs in the united states with very little problem. but, i think what unites us is the freedoms and liberties our constitution gives us and it's time for muslims to look less about promoting ourselves and victimology and more about feeling the pain of the families of 9/11 and understanding what we have to do to repair the house of islam. >> you're a muslim. you have seen this controversy. do you feel that since 9/11
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america has become islamsdafor bike, so to speak? >> i have to tell you absolutely not. i think we are getting a crash course on islam and we muslims have to do more work to separate spiritual islam, the faith we love from political islam that creates the nadal hassans -- and has a continuum from moderate to radical. that's what we have to do to separate them. there is confusion, there, understandably. it is not a bin area equation. there's a continuum that's confusing. that is some part of the educational process, part of the war of ideas we have to fight within. this isn't a fight between islam and christianity or islam and the west. it's a fight within the house of islam we need to focus in, not just victimology. >> can i ask your thoughts why there was such a visceral reaction to pastor jones? >> well, because, book burning has never been anything that's been followed by anything good in history. book burning is something that
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is clearly against the constitution and the first amendment and shows a complete disrespect and he's a speck of humanity of three kong gre gants and doesn't represent america but yet feeds into the islamist narrative overseas across the world that america is against islam, america is against muslims and used it for his 15 minutes of fame and fed interest that narrative. >> thank you very much for taking the time. we appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. >> rebecca? >> in san bruno, california, the search resumes today for more victims, federal officials continue their investigating into thursday's gasline explosion that fueled a massive fireball. four people are confirmed dead, more than 50 others were injured, nearly 40 houses destroyed in the inferno that laid waste to the san francisco suburb and we're live there with the latest. >> reporter: rebecca, good morning to you. folks were hoping to get back into the neighborhood this morning to survey the damage but, as you can see behind me,
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law enforcement still has it barricaded off. the area has been declared a crime scene as investigators continue to comb through the rubble. with the smoke clearing, this cbs news video throw the fire's devastation into stark relief. tires melted on burnt-out cars, 37 homes destroyed, a massive crater, where the fireball exploded into the air rattling loud enough to register as a 1.36 size earthquake. evacuees gathering in shelters hugged loved ones and wonder if this could have been prevented. did you ever smell gas in the neighborhood? >> i did. i smelled it right where one of the houses is no longer. >> reporter: the closest fire station was just two blocks from the neighborhood but at 1200 degrees, the fire was so hot, it cracked the windshield of the first fire truck as it approached. once on scene, a new problem, the explosion had knocked out the underground water lines so
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each truck was limited to the 500 gallons on board and water had to be pumped from hydrants two miles away. do you have any idea how long that delayed the process of getting the fire out? >> well, i'll be willing to bet you we're talking, you know, hours. >> reporter: california governor arnold schwarzenegger is on a trade mission to china but his wife met with volunteers and exhausted evacuees. >> we're okay. we are amongst the lucky ones. >> your neighbors? >> our neighbors are okay. >> reporter: the ntsb says a final report on the cause of the explosion may not be completed until the end of next year. meanwhile, this this morning, investigators are looking very closely at that pipe which was laid more than 50 years ago. rebecca? >> thank you. joining us with the latest on the investigation into the gasline explosion, christopher hart vice chairman of the national transportation safety board from san bruno, california
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this morning. mr. hart, good morning. >> good morning. >> i want to ask you, i know it's early in the investigation. but right now, what are the working theories about what caused this explosion to occur? >> we don't have any working theories yet. we just started the investigation yesterday. certainly struck by the violence and force of this event. we saw a large section of the 30-inch pipe blown out of the ground at least a car-lengths or two of the pipe blown out of the ground sitting on the street. it was amazing the violence and force of this event. >> we are getting reports from the community that people there smelled natural gas, they smelled a gas scent over the last week. do you have any sense, from the people on the ground, whether or not that's the case, have people been confirming those reports to you? >> we have heard those reports, as well, that is part of our investigative process, we'll be interviewing the witnesses and we've asked anyone else who might have any information pertinent to the accident to contact the local authority so they can tell us, as well, but that is certainly one area we'll
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be looking into. >> what would that mean for the investigation, then, if that is the case? >> well, it would help us determine the cause of the event. we need to look at all of the aspects, we're looking at the pipeline itself, the operation of the pipeline, how the company operated it, how they maintained it, how the emergency responders responded, looking at all the aspects and all the information we can get helps us to provide a more complete story to determine the cause of the accident. >> and the pipeline itself, as i understand it, has had some work done on it in recent years. it's about a decade old, this pg & e pipeline that exploded. what's your sense right now of how many other pipelines, similar to it, exist in the state of california? >> the pipeline is actually somewhat older, it was installed in 1956 but one of the things we'll look at is the history associated with this pipeline. we know, for example there, were other exkavations in the neighborhood of the pipeline and we know from history sometimes exkavations can cause damage that can later result in events
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like. this we'll be looking at that in our study of the history of this pipeline but it was installed originally in 1956. >> is there any result in this investigation that could lead to any other perpetrator, any other reason for this problem, other than pg & e and their line? >> we'll be studying that because we're looking at all the potential causes of this event. we've certainly had our very limited experience with pg & e has been very positive. we looked an event a couple years ago and in the course of our investigation, all of the issues that we addressed that we raised with addressed by pg & e by the time we came out with our final report so we've had a very positive experience with them thus far. >> christopher hart, thank you for being with us. >> thank you for having me. >> now betty nguyen with the morning headlines. >> good morning to you at home. heartbreak for the family of one of the three american hikers detained in iran. authorities announced her release only to change their
5:15 am
minds. our correspondent, mark phils lips, is live in london with the latest on this. good morning, mark. >> reporter: good morning. the iranian p.r. machine already lunched into action, foreign press even told where to go to witness the release of one of the three american detainees then late last night, it was all off. >> iran has called off the release of a female detained american citizen -- >> reporter: the official line from iran, the release of sarah shourd couldn't happen today because she had not gone through proper legal procedures. that the release didn't happen is a matter of great sadness and frustration for sarah shourd's family. why it didn't happen is another sign of the tensions between the various factions vying for power within iran. share ra shourd is one of three americans, the other two shane bauer and josh fattal, held more than a year after they were accused of crossing illegally into iran. they say they had been hiking in
5:16 am
iraqi kurdistan along the iraq-iran border and there is an argument over what they were doing there. iran says they were spying. it's believed iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad had sought to arrange her release as a goodwill jess ter along the lines of the visit arranged by their mothers last may but the justice ministry apparently wasn't yet ready to play along. she was scheduled to be released not just because she is the only woman amongst the three but because she needs treatment for a precancerous condition. the latest on official speculation in tehran, the release may now happen tomorrow because today is a holiday. but in iran, we've learned again, nothing happens until it happens. betty? >> we appreciate that report and, of course, will continue to follow that story. thank you, mark. calmer winds are expected today to help firefighters battling a huge wildfire in the mountains of -- or west of boulder, colorado. the fire started last monday and
5:17 am
destroyed at least 169 homes. the blaze is more than 50% contained. a few minor injuries were reported. the federal aviation administration proposing new rules to prevent pilot fatigue, a leading cause of air crashes, among the changes shorter flying times for pilots who work at night and longer resting period between workdays but some pilots who fly during the day could spend more time in the cockpit. the new rules would allow airlines to schedule pilots to as much as ten hours of duty, two more hours than permitted right now. and last night in california, more than 100 celebrities turned out in force for the "stand up to cancer" telethon. the fund-raiser was broadcast on all four networks and around the world. stars like musician neil diamond shared their personal stories of hope in the face of the disease. >> i told my mom when she was 75 that she had cancer. she said, i'm going to beat it, and she depend. we just celebrated her 92nd
5:18 am
birthday. happy birthday, mom! >> and those are the headlines. it's about 17 minutes past the hour. now, back to chris and rebecca. >> thank you. an amazing broadcast last night, really. now time for a very special moment on "the early show" something we have look forward to for quite some time for 15 years from 1987 to 2002, mark mcewen was a weather man and features reporter in the morning but so much moerp. a friend, colleague, confidant and the consummate, consummate professional. >> fiveees ago, though, this november he suffered a near fatal stroke that almost killed him but mark's a aighter and began a long and difficult process of recovery fighting his way back day by day. >> guess what, this morning so proud to have bim back so a great, great pleasure slur to say here is mark mcewen with the weather for us this morning. i hope the pream mel didn't embarrass you. >> i owe you both 20 bucks. thank you very much, thank you. >> come on in let me show you in
5:19 am
the northeast the sound you here are the sound of air conditioners clicking off, 70s and 60s throughout the region. in the south, hot, but not as hot as has been. texas, nice, great plains nice. rockies nice. california, northwest. the big trouble is in the -- right here, heavy rain to the south. and you'll see low 20s and 30s, patchy frost and sunday morning we're talking tonight into sunday. now, here's a closer look at the weather for your weekend. >> and that is your weather. now, back to chris and rebecca. >> thank you so much, mark. still ahead, a lot coming up, an
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asid attack victim will be with us, the second in the last week, a mother of five. you will not believe her story. very resilient woman you want to hear from her directly. >> tremendous spirit. also progress at ground zero. exclusive looks at exactly what's been going on down there since last year. a little time lapse photography so you can see the progress made over the last 365 days. you are watching "the early show" here on 9/11 on cbs. cheerios could be your ticket to do it. big time. you could win a once in a lifetime chance to live your passion
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last year this time had the privilege of visiting ground zero to see progress made. this week as the ninth anniversary of september 11th approached, i returned for an exclusive tour of the rebuilding process. here now is a look at the difference a year makes. if you want to feel the pulse of energy surging here, all you have to do is visit tower one, once named the freedom tower.
5:23 am
>> a lot of progress. >> yeah, we're getting there. >> the minute we got to the sight i ran into this iron worker superintendent, kevin murphy. a year ago when tower one was just three stories high, all the work was focused building its special, reinforced core. now for 175 ironworkers hauling steel, it's all about height. is that what it is, two floors every ten days? >> yeah. so, we're flying. >> wow! . to get to the 28th floor, as high as cement had been poured, you ride a construction elevator, which is the only way up. you want exclusive access, this is what you got to do. we're climbing. then ladders took me to where i could see steel beams reaching the 36th floor, 33 higher than last year with a mesmerizing view over ground zero. in the distance you can see world trade center four taking shape and below me here the original footprints of the twin towers for the 9/11 memorial and museum. a huge crane that sits on top of the skyscraper makes it possible
5:24 am
for ironworkers to keep to their floor-a-week schedule. how long does it take to get it to jump from story to story? >> actually jumps two stories at the time. >> okay. >> about between two and three hours. >> they can have this supported and ready to go in two to three hours now. >> yes. >> on the memorial plaza the first 16 of 400 trees have been planted next to what will be america's largest mannedmade waterfalls tracing the outline of the fallen twin towers. progress is made on the memorial museum, housing the ceremonial last column removed in 2002 and the survivors staircase, the last way out for hundreds of people there. are no visible signs of progress yet at the planned transportation hub and at towers two and three but not the case at tower four. last year, construction had reached ground level. now, steel beams are six stories high and climbing a floor a week like tower one. this superintendent began work
5:25 am
at ground zero three weeks after 9/11. >> the time is finally here when it's safe to say all projects are on the way and progressing well. within another year or so, you'll see all the projects above ground. >> i can't way to see exactly what it looks like next year, as well. by next year one world trade center formerly known as freedom tower should near about 100 floors at that point it will be 177 # feet an the antenna basically accounting for the last couple hundred feet but 2000 workers working seven days a week down there, a lot of pride. >> good to see that progress made for all those people. >> had to happen, finally it's here. next half hour we'll talk to families of september 11th about heeling and reflecting on this ninth anniversary of the ,,,,
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memorial like we saw in the piece a few seconds ago, it will be done for the tenth anniversary nextier and we have that coming up. stay with us. for some of you, your local news is next. welcome back and again betty with us now and our great pleasure slur to introduce mark before and so good to have mark mcewen with us once again. >> so unreal being here again. it's been a while, a while. >> does it feel any different? >> no. >> but, i'll say, this early is really early now! >> no joke. >> you know what it's like. >> that's not the title for nothing. >> how are you doing these days, how are you feeling. >> i'm okay. i go to the gym a lot. i eat so much fish it's a wonder i don't have gills. i do all the -- i'm not in therapy, as therapy goes, but i do things that will test me,
5:28 am
kind of exercises. so -- and new york. >> i bet the twins test you, as well, right. >> thi know more about "sponge bob." >> did you ever think. it is great to have you back. >> thank you. >> when i saw you the other day you looked great. i mean, it's -- you are one of those guys i think probably most people told you when you did this job years ago one of those people you feel like you've known you for years and you are a good friend, a warmth about you. >> thank you, chris. >> you've always had and i don't say this about many people but i've been a fan, always have been a fan and it's really great to see you. >> well, again, i owe you all money. [ laughter ] >> too bad -- >> don't worry about it. >> what got you going and motivated in the very beginning? >> the kids. i thought, i want to be there for their -- the old adage, the wedding and dance at the wedding and all that. but, they were the ones who kept
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me going. >> more with mark coming up on this broadcast. stay with us. we'll be right back. how would i make school a better place? field trips to the zoo! more basketballs. soccer balls. and a museum! [ growls ] more basketballs. soccer balls! more books. yeah. like just a ton of books. [ girl ] and books about soft things. soft and slimy. [ female announcer ] now clip double box tops for education. from totino's pizza rolls and party pizzas. and make their school a better place. [ male announcer ] this, our newest son, was imagined, drawn, carved, stamped, hewn, and forged here in america. it is well made, and it is designed to work. ♪ this was once a country where people made things... ♪ ...beautiful things, and so it is again. ♪
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the new jeep grand cherokee. ♪ a library look at ground zero. today is a day of remembrance and controversy on the ninth anniversary of september 11th, welcome back to "the early show," everyone. this morning we are talking to parents who lost their grown children in the terror attacks getting their reaction to the proposed islamic center blocks from ground zero, thrilled our long-time weatherman mark mcewen is back with us this morning nearly five years after a stroke that nearly killed him. we're going to take a look what he's doing right now and touk to him about his inspiring comeback. that's all coming up.
5:31 am
first, let's take it over to krig wragge. >> over the past two weeks we've told but horrifying attacks on two women one near portland, oregon the other? suburban phoenix hit in the face with cups of acid. both are recovering from severe burns. thursday we spoke exclusively with the victim of the phoenix attack. this morning, she joins us for a follow-up on the story along with her son, david diaz. good morning both you. good to have you with us. if you could, darren, i know it's difficult but take us back and re-trace the steps of what happened that day, if you could give us an account again. >> yeah, i was coming home from work and i pulled into my parking spot at the apartments, you know, like i always do. and i was excited to run inside, change clothes, go meet a friend. and i was opening my car door and i saw a wum coming up from behind, you know, from the back of my car. and i thought she was going to approach me and speak to me but she didn't say anything and she looked like she had a drink in her hands, it looked like a
5:32 am
clear glass of water and then she just tossed it in my face. and started to lightly jog away. she didn't even full-on run, just kind of jogged away. i knew immediately it was acid or something acidic. she was burning. >> she didn't say a word. >> no. >> just a glance and that was it, huh? >> yeah. >> you talked earlier with erica mill thursday about this being premeditated. how much does that scare you to know someone was tracing your steps and knew your exact schedule? >> it was very scary. i haven't been back since as a matter of fact. you know, i was afraid to go back to my apartment and scary -- i'm pretty aware of my surroundings, especially at night and things like that but in the middle of the afternoon i wasn't thinking anything of it. like i say i was getting ready to run inside and change clothes not being over cautious but to know somebody might be following you or watching you, you have no idea. >> how about leads in the investigation, have there been
5:33 am
developments, do the police have any idea who could be responsible for this? >> no, this err' still just, you know, questioning people, looking into different leads and things like that but nothing really significant, i don't think, right now, or they are just not telling me, you know, i'm not sure. >> david, let me ask you, how difficult has this been for you to see your mom like this and to know that someone out there t would do something as malicious as this to her? >> it's been very difficult. as you can imagine, seeing your mom in illness or in any kind of pain is hard. but to know that somebody did it out of hate and just pure evil, it's tough. >> yeah. i think a lot of the people who have seen the interview with you would be, i guess, a little surprised to see you are as upbeat as you are. i mean, why are you as upbeat -- you would think you would be hell-bent for election to get back at this person. >> you know, what i couldn't tell you. i guess just a little bit of faith, a little bit of genetics. my mother was always a really
5:34 am
positive person that, rubbed off on me. but, you know, there's no point being -- for me anyways, there is no point being angry, i'm not going to ask why. she couldn't possibly give me a reason as to why. >> no idea who would be responsible for this or would want to do this to you. >> no, i don't. i've honestly don't. i've racked my brain to think of anything i could have done to anger a person this much. >> do you harbor any of that anger, some your mom doesn't have? >> yeah, i think definitely, yeah. i don't know how she can stay so positive and strong. it's incredible. i don't know how i would handle this or deal with it, definitely. >> are you proud of her? >> yeah, very. very. >> real quick before we let you go, what's next now for you. >> i'm is just taking it day by day. >> good to see you as upbeat and wish you the best in your recovery. >> thank you. >> great to talk to you.
5:35 am
we appreciate you sharing the story with us and david thank you for coming in, as well. for more information how to help her, log on to our website cbs now here's mark. >> thanks, chris. let's talk about the weather out to the west. the word there is quiet. 90s in arizona and 80s and sunshine up and down the coast. middle of the country, quiet again. 70s. you see cool weather out to the northeast. the rain we saw, let's talk about, rain from memphis to lexington but peer yo, two to three inches in some spots and lots of thunderstorms, lots of thunderstorms. gusty winds, heavy downpours, local flooding. here's a closer look now at the weather for your weekend.
5:36 am
that is your weather. now back to rebecca. >> thank you, mark. up next, family members who lost loved ones on september 11th will be joining us to talk about the healing and the proposed islamic center near ground zero at the center of the controversy. this is "the early show" on cbs. me neither. it's beneful incredibites. it's just the way you like it-- with carbohydrates for energy and protein for muscles.
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today, amid disputes over a planned islamic community center and prayer room near ground zero the nation will honor those who perished nine years ago in the september 11th terror attacks. joining me two parents who lost their children at the world trade center, jim richards former deputy with ndny, whose son jimmy also a firefighters one day shy of his 30th birthday and donna o'connor her daughter vanessa, 29 and four months pregnant. good morning to both of you.
5:40 am
thank you to being with us. jim, as i understand, injure son jimmy followed in your footsteps as a firefighter. >> jimmy did. you know, he was working that day, a narcotics cop eight years switched over to the fire department and went into that building that day, you know, looking to help everybody, whether they be muslim, catholic, religion, black or white, that's what he was about, helping people and died a hero that day. i'm proud of what he did and we were lucky to recover his body in march 2002 and me and my three other firefighter sons who followed also in his footsteps because he was their high row before 9/11 and after 9/11, we carried his body out of there and able to bury him. >> so you, yourself, recovered your son. what has the healing process been like. >> very difficult. people talk is there closure, there's never any closure, my son is not going to come walking back in that room. we always miss him, miss him on the holidays. you see people saying like obama and the imam nobody knows what it is like to lose a child, have
5:41 am
him murdered until you are in those shoes. >> donna, you lost a child as well as unborn grand child. >> yes. >> how has the process of recovery been for you, where have you found your strength? >> i knew god from the time i was a child, not a religious person. but, you know, we only have one life. and, you know, vanessa went to work -- i mean, that's all she did that morning. she was no heroic, she went to work, she went to work early. and the only thing she ever wanted in life was that child. that was it. that was the only thing i really knew was a solid goal. and for me, i can't discount the lives of two boys who were devastated by the loss of their
5:42 am
sister. and i just -- you walk away, you walk away and i have, like some confidence that, in some way, when all is said and done, we will have lived on this earth, you know, in relatively the same quantity of years. >> we were talking before we came to this segment about how different people heal differently and different people have approached this day, the loss of loved ones differently. jim, explain to us sort of what -- how you feel about this day, in particular, and, also, about the islamic center that's planned near ground zero. >> you know, today is very solemn day. we'll go down, the ceremony will be until 12:00. i am very upset, you know, i think obama was lecturing to us yesterday talking down to us like, you know, like everybody's a radical and a racist and bigot. i have muslim friends. this is not about religious
5:43 am
freedom or constitutional rights. we've not asked them to close any mosques we strictly asked it is not anti-muslim but anti-location. sit down with us, talk to us, the imam they are supposed to be bridge builders, mayor bloomberg, throw up nothing but roadblocks. let's sit down the democratic way and talk it over. maybe they'll move it, they have every right to build there, we hope they stop it, we hope they will be sensitive to us because 25 million body parts will be brought to the museum and it's a a -- >> no one wants to be in this position sitting next to not only a person i admire but in a career that i really feel is heroic. 333 is a number i will never get out of my head. at the same time, you know, we live in a land that is about everyone has a right to
5:44 am
religious practice and there can't be any address where it's not okay. i think about, you know, everything hurts us, as 9/11 family members. you know, this morning those gothic beams sticking up out of a pile where i left my kid pains me no end. i'm glad you guys have the freedom of speech to do it. i would never say, don't do it. i think that's one issue where many of us would agree. that hurts. it hurts when, you know, at any given point in time to make a political point, those towers are coming down again. you know, i think, down the road, ten years, twenty years, if we continue these kinds of discussions, muslim-american people are going to be yet another group of people that we say, you're not valued. >> i'm sorry to do this, donna, and i really appreciate both you being with us. we don't have time to continue the conversation here but we
5:45 am
hope you can both continue it with us going forward. jim, donna, thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> it will be continued on our website. stay with us. will more of "the early show" ahead. i can take one airline out... and another home. so with more flight options, i can find the combination that gets me there and back quickest. where you book matters. expedia. ♪ [ female announcer ] we've got stains, down to a science. new wisk with our breakthrough stain spectrum technology
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there are things we take for granted, walking, taking a shower, driving a car. our weatherman did, too, until he suffered a massive stroke nearly five years ago that almost took his life. >> early show anchor and close friend harry smith went to see him at his florida home early in his roerve. here's a look at his story. >> he was voted one of the most trusted people in america. he was a fixture here at cbs in the morningings from 1987, until 2002. >> whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. >> a consummate broadcaster, wit and warmth made him a welcome guest in millions of homes. some of my fondest memories of working here are with mark. in november of 2005, mark suffered a massive stroke. it almost killed him.
5:49 am
>> how are you? >> i remember i looked up and saw my father, my brother, my brothers and sisters. that's when i knew. >> he was very, very close to death. the diagnosis of basil artery thrombosis is a very, very poor prognosis. >> four days mark hung near death. the blood clot that caused the stroke blocked precious oxygen from his brain. if and when he recovered, he'd be starting over. >> boy, i was in the -- a bed. i couldn't walk. i couldn't -- could barely talk. >> first, he was confined to a wheelchair, then he moved to a walker. >> i don't need it anymore. >> most devastating of all, though, was the impact on his voice and speech. >> i know you are -- >> from his days as a stand-up comedian. >> you're that weather guy,
5:50 am
right, al row ker, right? >> to radio. to tv. mark had always been glib. >> have you ever recorded a rock song? >> no. >> ta, ta, ta. >> but like an olympic athlete at the games he covered, mark fought back. what was it like at first? >> saying sounds, really, k sounds, e, i, o, u, saying everything properly. milli millionaire. >> even if he can't do some of the things he could do before like shoot three-pointers, he hasn't lost his trademark sense of humor. >> i walk, i talk, i think i drive, i wash smi self, i brush my teeth, i make the bed, i do everything. >> you never make the bed before. while on the road to recovery, he told me the stroke made him
5:51 am
realize nothing was more important than his family. five years after the stroke that changed his life, we're just happy mark has decided to spend some time with his cbs family. we have been thrilled all morning to have mark with us this morning. we have another surprise, as well the man's voice you just heard and images you just saw harry smith with us this morning. >> they let you do the weather? >> yeah. for pay. >> for money? >> yeah. >> isn't this great? >> good to see you. >> it's my honor to be here, believe me. >> same here. >> really cool. you know, we had really great times together, we worked together a lot of years. >> yeah. >> and did enumerable shows. and the thing that i just remember the most about all the time that we spent together was mark's heart was just the best. >> yeah. >> his heart was the best and he always -- he always brought whatever he could to whatever we were doing, you know, always made that consummate effort and
5:52 am
i think that's what you see now, is he's brought that same effort to his recovery. >> well, thank you. >> will you be able to go on this morning? >> i think so. >> you still have a few weather reports to do. remember, you are working. this isn't one big tribute. harry you mentioned something a second ago in the piece this inherent jealousy of his jump shot. >> i think the other thing is that through all those years we did the show, mark was a great wrestler in high school, state champion? >> well. >> close. >> close. >> championship level. we would go out and do all of this stuff. we'd be at an ncaa tournament, he's out there draining tres like nobody's business and people said there's the funny weatherman. the i could could do anything. >> take your money. the funny weatherman will take your money. >> i thought you would say, harry, you guys wrestled in some fields. >> did that, too. >> amazing race before the amazing race. >> the wipe-out.
5:53 am
>> they did the game at wrigley field and rained and rained and rained and had the tarp on the field and they said, did you ever want to do this? >> he came up with that idea. >> harry, thank you for coming in this morning. appreciate it. stay with us, mark, of course obviously great to have you with us. you are watching "the early show" here on cbs. [ male announcer ] let's throw down some style. style that lasts a lifetime. what do you say we get the look we want, the soft feel we need, and have it stand up to anything we throw at it. then let's get it installed, and save money on the whole project. we're lowering the cost of going barefoot. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. get exclusive martha stewart living and platinum plus installed in your whole house for just 37 bucks.
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5:56 am
in the new red bottle of wisk. sweet n' sour filled twizzlers. the twist you can't resist. welcome back on this ninth anniversary of 9/11, you see vice president joe biden there on your screen talking with new jersey governor and i think his back to us right now new york governor david paterson and of course the vice president's wife there, as well. we'll talk exclusively with the new york fire commissioner on the state of the fire department in the city. the must-haves for fall,
5:57 am
what's in the bag, we will tell you for her and for him. >> your local news is next for some of you. for others, you're coming right back. stay with us. we were so rudely cut off by a commercial break earlier. we bring harry smith and mark mcewen back. >> remember the first time i saw you on 57th street? >> yeah, you were doing the "morning show" with mayor yet hartly and i was in town filling with. >> with a bow tie. >> i used to wear a bow tie, so preppy back in the days. >> in the traffic. and i said -- >> you're good. >> yeah. >> and i said, no, you're g. we had one of these in the middle of -- you're good, no you're good. >> were you nervous last night? >> well, i went to bed like at 4:00 in the afternoon.
5:58 am
at 3:00, i was like this. wide awake in the morning. nervous the first time. it's like football. you played football. the first hit. then you play. but, before that -- >> right. >> -- you think all kinds of things. >> we were surprised, we have a 5:30 production meeting mark was all there and dressed. you realize we are not on for 90 minutes. >> put me in coach! >> don't worry, we aren't going to tell you you can't go on, you've got the job. mac so great so see you and i meant what i said before. >> thank you chris. >> you have that warmth about you and i think why were you one of the most trusted people in america so long. >> how that happened, i don't know. >> how much time have you got. >> 20 seconds. >> my thought was think about all the hours, thousands and thousands of hours of broadcasting and to come back out here today, no net, no anything. i mean, that had to be a little bit daunting and i'm just really proud of you, man. >> thank you. >> god bless. >> so good to have you with us, as you were know, harry even the
5:59 am
paid professionals can't handle the wall over there and he has handled it beautifully. that's why we love you mark. mmmm. you don't love me anymore do you billy? what? i didn't buy this cereal to sweet talk your taste buds it's for my heart health. so i can't have any? if you can deprive me of what can help lower my cholesterol... and live with yourself. right. mmm, i worry about your mother. cry herself to sleep every night over my arteries, but have yourself a bowl. good speech dad. [ whimper ] [ male announcer ] honey nut cheerios tastes great and its whole grain oats can help lower cholesterol. bee happy. bee healthy.
6:00 am
9/11 in new york city, washington, d.c., and shanksville, pennsylvania. and from coast to coast, america marks the ninth anniversary of the terror attacks with a day of remembrance and controversy. lessons learned. nine years after 19 terrorists hijacked four planes and toppled the world trade centers, are we any better prepared for an attack in a major american city? we'll ask new york's fire commissioner in an exclusive interview from ground zero. fall in line with a new season, new ways coming this way, big and small, to show off just how cool you really are. we'll tell you exactly what you should be carrying around this autumn. joey & rory their first cd
6:01 am
jumped off the charts. now hear the premiere of their brand new album live in our "second cup cafe" that's early this saturday morning, september 11th, 2010. got to love a good crowd and we always seem to have them on the plaza on the weekend, so nice to see. >> absolutely. it is a little windy, chris. >> it is now fall officially and you can feel it. hi, everybody, welcome back to "the early show." >> clearly the anniversary of september 11th today, a lot of news, as well. >> exactly so. much to get to this morning and of course in minutes as we do continue to talk about 9/11 we'll have an exclusive with new york city fi economieser coming up in seconds as we visit ground zero and the ceremony down there this morning but first another check of the headlines, betny
6:02 am
nguyen is at the news desk and joins us now. >> today is the ninth ans ver rees of the 9/11 terrorist attacks and ceremonies are planned in new york, at the pent gong and shanksville, pennsylvania on a day of remembrance emotions run high over a planned islamic prayer center blocks from ground zero. our correspondent is there and begins our coverage. elaine, given the debate over that prayer center, are protests expected today at ground zero? >> reporter: absolutely, not necessarily at ground zero but certainly in the vicinity, betty. this day of remembrance here in new york is also going to be a day of protests, authorities are expecting at least six demonstrations near the ground zero site, about two blocks away, in fact, where that pro polesed location for the islamic cultural center and mosque is. now, authorities are expecting a few thousand protesters, they say, both groups that are for and against this project. it's been a highly charged
6:03 am
issue, as you know. and among those taking part, set to take part today, are family members of of some september 11th victims who say they feel absolutely compelled on this day, of all days, to speak out on behalf of their loved ones. overnight police put up barricades and locked down the area where these protests are set to take place. and authorities say they will have hundreds of police officers on hand when the bulk of these demonstrations get under way later this afternoon. betty? >> elaine, thank you. in shanksville, pennsylvania, a service to honor the 40 passengers and crew of united flight 93 who fought back against the 9/11 hijackers and died in the process. bob allen is a reporter for our pittsburgh affiliate kdka and joins us live from shangsville. good morning, bob. i want to ask what's on tap for today's ceremony? >> reporter: well, the service does not begin until 9:30 this
6:04 am
morning but hundreds of people are gathering around the stage to hear first lady michelle obama and former first lady laura bush, the main speakers joined by pennsylvania governor ed rendell and family members reading the names of 40 passengers and crew members who sacrificed their lives. it was nine years ago today that terrorists commandeered the plane after leaving the newark airport. family members and park officials say they worked hard to preserve the crash scene, part of the first phase of flight 93 memorial scheduled for completion in september 2011. the flight 93 memorial will cost about $60 million, with half of the money coming from private sources. it's expected to draw about 250,000 people a year. back to you. >> all right, bob. thank you for that live report. in other news, federal investigators are trying to determine what caused the massive explosion and inferno that devastated the san francisco suburb of san bruno. at least four people were killed
6:05 am
in last thursday's blast. the search continues for other possible victims. earlier, we acting governor moldanado about the prospect of residents returning home. >> today, i think will be the last day we'll treat this site as a crime site, not allowing anybody to come in. we don't know what time that's going to happen but here being on the ground obviously people want to get back, to see their propt property, they want to go back and see their homes if it's still up and it's been difficult. >> at least four people are dead after a double decker bus struck a railroad bridge near syracuse, new york, early this morning. that bus was traveling from philadelphia to toronto and it apparently was too high to pass under the bridge. at least 20 people were on the bus at the time. several were injured. a company spokesman said the bus was off its normal route when it crashed. those are the headlines at this hour. now back to chris. >> betty, thank you very much. so, what are the lessons learned
6:06 am
in years since 9/11. joining us exclusively from ground zero is the new york city fire commissioner whose department lost 343 members that tragic day. commissioner, good morning to you. >> good morning, chris. >> i know this is a very difficult day for you and you have a full agenda and really appreciate you taking the time. i want to ask you quickly, though, how different is the fire department here in new york city than the department that answered that call nine years ago? >> well, we have made tremendous amount of changes. you know, after september 11th, when you lose 343 members, you certainly look at the way you operate and the change that you needed to make and we have changed, we have decentralized a lot of our resources. we trained thousands of firefighters in different duties, haz-mat duties, rescue and collapse duties. but the biggest change we saw was in so many young firefighters coming on the job, young men and women, who knew exactly what happened to this department and knew their role would be changed from fighting
6:07 am
fires to being involved in the terrorist events, natural and man-made disasters and it's a tribute to them coming on this department after september 11th knowing what happened to the members, the 343 members that made the supreme sacrifice. >> let me ask you that, how is the preparedness so different other than like you said just guys fighting fires need to be ready for catastrophic events such as this. >> well, we have done a tremendous amount of preparedness. after september 11th, we started what we have is called a counterterrorism and disaster preparedness center that coordinates hundreds of drills a year inter agency to interstate to prepare us for possible terrorist attacks, you know, man-made disasters, natural disasters every firefighter giving haz-mat training, terrorism training, medical emergency training. like i said we fought fires 40 years ago when i came on but now
6:08 am
prepared for any event we face. >> your career has spanned 40-plus years. communication i know was a big issue in 2001 between fdny in ypd. is the communication better and the lines much more open? >> absolutely, much better. we have interoperable radios, we have a procedure in place where if there's a second alarm that comes in, we send a battalion chief up in the air in a police helicopter where this he can converse with the incident commander on the ground and have a five-sided view of a fire or collapse or whatever we face, four sides and aerial view. that started shortly after september 11th. >> mr. commissioner, let me ask you one last question, god forbid there was another incident such as 9/11, do you feel the city and first respondrs are much better prepared not that they weren't prepared in 2001. >> we are absolutely more prepared, better equipped, better trained than we have ever been before and i'm extremely
6:09 am
confident that we would be able to handle another event, in any pro possession, we hope that doesn't happen, but in the last nine years, we've trained tremendously with different agencies and you saw what happened in times square on may 1st, with the cooperation between the nypd and fdny, prevents ad major disaster. >> exactly. mr. commissioner, thank you very much again, we appreciate you taking the time. we know it's an emotional day, we do, we really appreciate it. >> thanks, chris. have a good day. >> good to see you, mr. commissioner. nine minutes after the hour and i'm so happy to say it time for another check of the weather with mark mcewen. >> thank you. as you say a solemn day in new york. >> what can we expect to see today? >> you knee solemn and sad day here to remember our 343 brothers we lost that day and just to give thanks and prayer
6:10 am
for their families and i'd also like to tell you america this is what it all about this lady gail and the rest of the beautiful people from the carolinas that came to give us support. god bless you, gail. >> thank you. thank you. now, here's a closer look at the weather for your weekend. time now for our saturday shot out, a big hello to everyone in orlando, florida, home to disney's epcot center, don't say disneyland. say disneyland, don't say disney world. disneyland is out in california. some gorgeous golf courses and of course my family, say hi,
6:11 am
thanks everyone for watching "the early show" saturday on my home station local 6 wkmg. that's your weather. now, back to rebecca. >> thank you, mark. my great grandma lived in orlando and we always got disneyland and disnooe world confused in our home. what's in your bag? coming up must-haves for the season, the hottest bags and what to put in them for her and for him right here on "the early show" on cbs. ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] the best way to tell how great you look is in your jeans. drop a jean size in two weeks with the special k challenge and enjoy a good source of fiber in many of your favorite special k products.
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[ male announcer ] with its 43 safety features, like the parkview rear back-up camera... hi, sweetie. there you are. [ male announcer ] ...electronic vehicle information center, and rear cross path detection system, now available in the safety tech package, the chrysler town & country is a safe bet to make. ♪
6:14 am
bye-bye summer wind. hello autumn chill. it's cold out here. fall is just 11 days away, can you believe summer is over.
6:15 am
>> feels like it is here already. >> a perfect time to preview must-have items. >> here is our "early show" style contributor. >> i'll be over here. >> love this color. you say this is great for the season. >> absolutely. this season inspired by "mad men" about the ladylike structured bag. here we see a rich wine color, it's beautiful but again, think structure, not slouchy. >> almost like a doctor's bag. >> a bit of one, exactly. look for anything with a frame and real structure on top. >> i like that. what to carry in it? we've got technology. >> this is really fun. i love technology. this is the ipod nano, released september 1st, brand new and, of course the hottest song on it katy perry's teen-age dream. >> you could maybe hear it if you have these in your ear.
6:16 am
>> absolutely. this is the one you want. and of course -- the reading. >> keep yourself educated. >> the hunger games patrolling by susan collins, this is almost a little bloody, violent at times but women are embracing the series, different from what you've read on the beach all summer. >> hot chocolate as opposed to a mai-tai. >> yeah. >> i love the makeup colors. always confusing, you come into a new season, what's the "it" color and you need your lipstick and polish. >> for lipstick all about red, red, red and red again. this keeps us warm in the chilly weather. >> this is what i do at the store. >> that's perfect. >> this has more orange more of the retro look. go for a matte, not a gloss. if you have red, no problem. the nail polish colors not seeing the incredible dark black goth look we've seen but
6:17 am
chanal has great looks from khaki colors, which i'm wearing, a limited edition color and dark greens, dark purples. we've got to get to the shoes because i don't want but more rugged, military inspire sod you if are going to have a murse, you will -- >> i like this idea. >> a collet, rhymes with wallet. it also holds credit cards, i.d. >> that's fantastic. now when i lose my blackberry, i can lose my credit cards as well. >> hey, don't lose it. >> the book. >> guys need a good read this is on the "new york times" best
6:18 am
seller list right now. it is really about this family coming to terms with what's going on in the modern world, a great read until christmas. >> and if i'm reading i, of course, need my reading glasses. >> any guide, wearing sunglasses because it is chillier doesn't mean you shouldn't wear them, aviators, aviators, aviators. >> channelling my inner tom crui cruise. why would i need these gloves. >> usinging a smartphone it has great technology. >> touch fingers. >> you can actually use -- i'm not going to -- >> you can use the dial on the iphone. >> with your gloves, you don't have to take them off. >> fanatic. >> it works, i promise. >> never have gloves been so interesting. >> from bloomingdale's i love them. >> thank you so much. as always for all the must-haves head to our website. i think i may do the rest of the show with these glasses on. >> keep channelling it, keep
6:19 am
channelling its. >> with my book, exactly. just ahead joey & rory with a moving tribute to 9/11 in our ze "second cup cafe" out here on the plaza. to keep their bodies strong. ♪ a nutritious start to the day is essential. that's why carnation instant breakfast essentials supplies the nutrients of a balanced breakfast. so kids get the protein and calcium they need to help build strong muscles and healthy bones. carnation instant breakfast essentials. good nutrition from the start. ♪ carnation instant breakfast essentials. [ female announcer ] hurry in and load up on food and great savings during the petsmart treat your pet sale. right now, you'll find hundreds of ways to treat your pet for under $10, from toys, to treats and more. at petsmart. we love to see healthy, happy pets!
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♪ maybe, just maybe, baby i'll come back to you ♪ >> this weekend our "second cup cafe" a duo who make beautiful music together if their love songs sound real guess what it is not act, married for eight years. >> their big break at finalists on the reality show "can you duet" and a successful first album and top duo award from the academy of -- >> if you wonder who's who, rory has the sideburns here they are with their a national television premiere of their first single
6:23 am
off their new cd, "this song's for you." ♪ ♪ ♪ you got up this morning and you went to work today ♪ ♪ this song's for you ♪ if you put eight honest hours in, for eight hours worth of pay ♪ ♪ this song's for you ♪ if it's taken all you got these days just to make ends meet ♪ ♪ what like to give a piece of your mind to those fat-cats on wall street ♪ ♪ this song's for you ♪ if you go to church on sunday and you try to do what's right, this song's for you ♪
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♪ if you've been known to drink a beer, raise hell on a friday night, this song's for you ♪ ♪ if you wish we didn't have to go and send our boys to war ♪ ♪ if you still think this country of ours is worth dyin' for ♪ ♪ this song's for you ♪ you know who you are ♪ we're up on this stage ♪ but you're the star ♪ you're why we do what we do ♪ ♪ we want you to know ♪ this song's for you ♪ ♪ ♪ if you love country music ♪ as real as it comes, this
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song's for you ♪ mrveg and if you came here today hoping you might hear your song, this song's for you ♪ ♪ if you hear this on our record or on the radio ♪ ♪ or if you're at home this morning watching "the early show," this song's for you ♪ mrveg you know who you are ♪ ♪ we're up on this stage ♪ but, you're the star ♪ you're why we do what we do ♪ ♪ we want you to know ♪ this song's for you ♪ you deserve so much more, it's true ♪ ♪ we want you to know
6:26 am
♪ this song's for youuuuu >> we don't like it, we love it. >> we do, especially, you know, we always love a song when you say something nice about "the early show" that a song's for us. >> come this way, guys, the cameras are over here. any chance we can get you to work chris and rebecca into that song? let's try this so the folks at home can see you. >> a married couple, work together, spend your lives together, how does that play out. >> works out really well, don't you think? >> be honest. >> it's funny, we've been best friends all along and most artists have to leave their spouses at home. i think we're probably the luckiest artists out there to share in every moment. it doesn't get any more fun than this and i'd hate to have to call home and tell her about it or more than likely she'd be calling home telling me about it. >> you sound great. we appreciate you customizing that song and can't wait to hear your encore performance later in
6:27 am
the show. thank you very much. for more on joey & rory, het to our website. for some of you, your local news is next. for others, we're coming right back. so, you're back with us now, thank you for sticking around. you know, you did write a song for us, you might as well stick around for a bit. >> we owe you. >> and you've also been writing about september 11th to commemorate september 11th. what was your inspiration there? why make a song for september 11th in memorial? >> well, you know, songs, for us, they just show up sometimes. and i think this song happened really in about 2006 and that was such a huge heart-breaking thing that happened and for some reason that song sort of wrote itself. it's always -- it's always felt and meant a lot to us and just to be here and sharing this
6:28 am
moment, you know, nine years later, it's really special to us. >> were you guys at all surprised to kind of change topics to go from a reality show to all of a sudden have the success you've had to be nominated for awards? it's probably still a little surreal, is it not. >> it's very surreal, still. i think it will always be, no matter how long do you this or how many years we get to do this, every time we step on the stage or every time we may be nominated for an award is really an amazing thing. we look at two years ago we were just at home and i was waiting tables and he was writing songs. >> we live on a little farm in asheville and it is kind of surreal for us to be here in the middle of new york city. >> were you actually waiting tables and sitting on a farm, you didn't actually steal that from another country song? >> that's totally true. i have a little restaurant back home with rory's sister, mary, called maryjo's meal house. a great communities and i was baking breads and waiting on customers and rory was writing
6:29 am
music. >> a great story. like i said, more coming up from you guys later in the broadcast. stay with us. you guys later in the broadcast. stay with us. we'll be right back as governor, he cut waste got rid of the mansion and the limo budgets were balanced. $4 billion in tax cuts. world class schools and universities. clean energy promoted. 1.9 million new jobs created. california was working. i'm jerry brown. california needs major changes. we have to live within our means; we have to return power and decision making to the local level-closer to the people and no new taxes without voter approval. jerry brown the knowledge and know-how to get california working again.
6:30 am
and welcome back to "the early show," i'm chris wragge looking at sho-- >> we have a lot more ahead as well and a last check of the weather with our friend mark mcewen. over to you. >> thank you, rebecca. i normally say hi mom, why hi dad? >> he's at home watching and he wanted to be able to see us on
6:31 am
tv. >> what's your name. >> taylor. >> taylor what. >> mcgraw. >> thanks, taylor. here's the weather. take a look around the country, book-ends, to the west, nice, to the east, nice, in the middle of the country, you see the rain, heavy rain to the south, lighter rain to the north. and you see cold, low 20s and 30s, patchy frost, not today, tonight into sunday morning. here's a closer look at the weather for your weekend. that's your weather. now, back to the football guy, chris. >> mr. mcewen, thank you very much.
6:32 am
my executive producer will kill me said no talking about your giants so i'm not going to mention my giants at all, with fall fast approaching only means one thing, football. this sunday marks the full slate of nfrlz games. who better for an inside look at the season than bill cow war former coach and now analyst. good to have you with us, coach. >> good to see you, chris, good to be here. >> kicking things off, or what. >> absolutely, that time of year. >> it is football season. let me ask about this upcoming season. we saw the defending super bowl champs the saints and vikings. brett favre, did he look a bit old to you? zerm a game he came back and missed throws but i think they missed rice. i think he will get better as he gets a feel for it. he wasn't in camp very long. i think they'll be fine. >> do you think he should have come to camp earlier knowing you have the saints. >> at 40 years old i think you
6:33 am
minimize camp as much as possible. >> i know parody the nfl likes but do you see any teams people aren't picking up. >> i'm not saying because of your jersey but i like the new york giants, honestly, looking at the nfc east and defensive players. a bunch of linebackers drafted and others coming back healthy. i think they are revitalized, i think they have to be careful of them in the east. >> let's talk more about eli. if you are out there, you know i love you, brother. i know it's tough to predict, it is so early and we haven't seen real football but pre-season stuff. a lot of people i think like indianapolis and the saints again but as you sit there now are the teams you see as the favorites going to the season. >> you know what's great about that tomorrow alt 12:00, chris, the pregame show we'll give you the predictions for next year and even the fearless forecast, all kinds of information i've
6:34 am
been building up from the offseason to share with our viewers out there tomorrow at 12:00. so, make sure you tune in to nfl today and i'll give you the predictions for the super bowl, as well. >> give me a division, i won't make you give away. a division, a little hint. >> a division, a little hints, the nfc north. >> okay. and the afc. >> afc south. >> oh. >> we have a north versus south. >> wait a second, breaking news, you are not picking the jets to be in the super bowl? rex ryan has pretty much assured it. >> this was interpretation by you and yes, i may get this wrong but i think the new york jets have a lot of weapons in place, no question with the off-season build-up, very high expectation but doesn't scare rex. >> coach, thank you very much. >> my pleasure slur. >> not only for being here but allowing me to wear this blue jersey on national television. our executive producer, right now, you have no idea what i
6:35 am
will have -- football season, everybody, the new season of "the nfl today" the coach, dan marino, boomer as esiason and of course the rest of the crew will be with the week one action here on cbs, your nfl network. coach, thanks again. good to see you. rebecca, over to you. >> thank you. up next our "chef on a shoestring" bill telepan gets things cooking we have herb pasta with buffalo mozzarella and also some peaches. you are watching "the early show" on cbs. back in a few. like our famous texas cheese fries. then choose two freshly prepared entrees from 14 chili's favorites, like our chicken crispers with new sweet & smoky sauce, our new slow-smoked honey chipotle baby back ribs, or grilled all-white meat chicken fajitas served over a bed of sizzling peppers and onions. grab a friend and get one appetizer plus two entrees with chili's $20 dinner for two.
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6:38 am
because it's not just your allergies, -- to which all other restaurants aspire. that praise from gourmet magazine for our next guest our "chef on a shoeindustrial" chef bill telepan learning from le cirque to t and now his own restaurant telepan getting rave reviews this morning preparing a three-course meal with local ingredients on budget of $40. great to see you chef. >> thanks for having me. >> we are thrilled and want to know what the menu. >> an end-of-summer grill menu, vegetarian so a grilled kri meny mushroom salad, grilled past sdang and grilled peaches sort of a crisp but grilled side. these are like baby port bell los, almost. >> darker? >> no but they call them baby
6:39 am
belas and open up and become a port bellow mushroom. these are great because they taste nice and meaty and will stand up to the grill. >> we add garlic. >> and chili and some oil. >> i got to work here. >> you got to work? >> we'll skewer these up. >> a little oil. >> and we'll toss that. >> pepper, you like pepper with it? >> we'll add pepper. go ahead. >> i'm creating now, bill. >> this will sit about an hour, skewer them up and start grilling them like this here and they'll come out really nice and soft and really taste niles. if you can -- want like a protein, a real meat this would be great with stakes. i got shallots, sherry vinegar, olive oil for the salad with baby spinach here, again, you could use any kind of greens you like for that. then we have -- >> mix it with the grilled stuff. >> we'll take the skewers, like this, i can handle that because
6:40 am
my hands are teflon. we'll put this over here. >> how long do you want them to sit on the grill for. >> probably like five to seven minutes or so. we'll take pecorpecorrino chees which will stand up to the mushroom and balsamic and i like that and the sherry mix, it works well today. >> with acidity to it. >> but the acid from the sherry and sweetness from the balsamic go well with the mushrooms. >> could also be a place for the pepper, too. >> you want to sprinkle pepper on that? >> i'd love to. >> the next course a grilled vegetable pasta, you can add a lot that go great on the grill but here we have corn that we're doing. here, you are going to be able to work now. >> tell me what i need to doimplts you get a hot, hot piece of corn off the grill. can you handle this? you just pull it right down like you are shucking.
6:41 am
now you do the shucking part. i'll take the tomatoes that i grilled. we'll take it and cut it up off the grill. >> do you marinate it? >> no, right fresh on the grill. >> you pop all the vegetables on the grill. you don't have to season or marinate. we'll do that later. >> i'll take this off or you can do that. >> to make it easier to cut, you pop it in half, like this. and -- >> less likely to cut yourself. >> then you just chop it off. >> how long does the corn stay on the grill, that's always a big question in our house. >> it can stay on or as little as possible because you can eat it raw and some peel like to. i would say about ten minutes. the tomatoes you want to darken. once they darken they soften and we'll cut them up and put them in here. i have in here already red peppers, lime juice, lemon juice, white wine vinegar, olive
6:42 am
oil and to add protein we'll at buffalo mozzarella. you see the creaminess. >> juicy. >> i want to get to what i consider the greatest piece of every meal, the dessert. >> the dessert. we are grilling peaches. what i was thinking about for this summertime i think of crisp, blueberries or peach crisp, we'll do a style with peaches i marinate in honey and mint. we've grilled them off here. and then you take about like you know to darken them. if you have really ripe peaches they go quick and get good grill marks on them. >> as we do, this bill, i want to see how you stacked up against the other chefs. as i understand we have a winner in the house today, guys. >> what? >> the winner of our "chef on a shoestring" challenge -- >> $40. >> $37 and one penny. you did know today coming in you
6:43 am
would leave a winner on our leaderboard? >> excellent. that's good to know. all right. >> taste amazing, too, right. >> go for it. >> i can get you something? how about salad. >> this is a winning recipe. >> ah. >> i need a fork. >> here, since you are the grill master. >> you can find the recipe at cbs we'll be right back. thanks for being with us.
6:44 am
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it was once impossible to it believe that two soaring towers
6:47 am
of people and possibilities. >> live pictures of ground zero at 8:46 a.m. nine years ago american airlines flight 11 crashed into the north tower of the world trade center right there. every year at this time we pause to retlekt those who lost their lives at ground zero, the first of four moments of silence. the next at 9:03, with the second tower was struck and again the two later moments of silence will correspondent with the times the towers fell. our middle east expert from cbs here to talk a bit how the world has changed the last nine years with what's been going on especially the last fau weeks with the controversy of the islamic center downtown. let's begin with that. your thoughts on what's transpired and how with this pastor jones has it has taken on a life of its own here. >> i think the thing most surprising to a lot of americans is the way in which 9/11 and particularly ground zero has become so unapologetically politicized in a way that i
6:48 am
think is surprising to a lot of americans. it would have been surprising even a year ago. now, what is the cause for that? some might say the islamic community center, you know, sparked this wave of anti-muslim sent hent but i think maybe we're far enough away, nine years now, people do feel like they can take advantage of this symbol for their own political purposes. >> you think that is a big chance to take? the one thing i'm hearing especially talking from a lot of people not only in the area living here in the city but also family members that say, you know, this is a day of remembrance, reflection, a day that changed the world as we know it now, not an opportunity to add controversy into the mix. if there's one day, you know what, to keep our mouths quiet and let's just reflect on the lives lost, today is it, you don't mess with tharnlsts i'll be honest with you, i hope there is kind of a backlash against what's going on right now. as you know at 1:00 p.m. today there will be a rally in support of the so-called park 51 project, at 3:00 p.m. this international rally against it.
6:49 am
so, i'm hoping that americans all over the country see these images and think we've gone too far. this is just too far now. no matter where you fit on this controversy. >> what's the end game, then? >> well, i think, you know, people are just going to continue to use this to fuel their own political or economic, you know, ideologies, as it is. and i do believe that mayor bloomberg said something very interesting. he said that by this time next year, we'll have the memorial finished. i do think that once that's done, then there will no longer be this void, this vacuum, this space that can be filled up with other people's notions and other people's ideas. let's hope so, anyway. >> today, with these protests that will be going on, those in support, those that are not in favor of this islamic center downtown at 51 park, do you think it takes away from what we're really supposed to be focusing our attention on here? >> most definitely. and, you know, particularly in
6:50 am
the case of the sort of international anti-islam rally that's being brought by this group called islamization of america. and they are inviting all these european anti-muslim politicians in to speak. i mean, that's really now taking this to a whole other level. the point of this is remembrance, mourning, if anything, we should be coming together as different religions and ethnicities. >> i'm sorry. it seems as though we are kind of, i don't know, exacerbate something negative stereotypes that exist out there. i mean can, muslims look at what's going on here and say we can maybe hopefully take a positive away from this at some point? >> i think muslims in the united states can. in fact one of the things most remarkable about this stunts, the koran burning in florida, the enormous response of muslim, christian, jewish leaders that have come together to use this as promoting interfaith cooperation. now, if you're in egypt or syria, you don't see that part. as far as you're concerned, this
6:51 am
isn't about a crazy pastor but this is about america and anti-is limb fervor in in the united states. that's a problem, engaged in two wars. >> thank you. we appreciate you being with us and we'll be right back. this is "the early show" on cbs. >> shannon lewis, adams. >> steven george adams. >> ignacias udo -- dancing there? flying there? how about eating soup to get there? delicious campbell's soups fill you with good nutrition, energy, farm-grown ingredients, and can help you keep a healthy weight. helping you get to a happier place. have a nice trip. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. style that lasts a lifetime. what do you say we get the look we want, the soft feel we need,
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6:54 am
before we let you go on this beautiful saturday morning we want to thank you, mark mcewen for coming back. so, so great to see you. >> fantastic. >> and betty, thanks for being us with. >> betty, we know we love having you. mark, seriously, great to see you and seeing you doing so well. an honor to have you. monday a sneak peek at "survivor
6:55 am
nicaragua" and 20 castaways vying for a million dollars. >> and saturday heating up with the fall movie seasons with the steameist and sexiest scenes of all time. you are ready? >> sounds pg there. we'll leave you with their premiere of their 9/11 tribute "to say good-bye." good-bye, everybody! ♪ ♪ ♪ she said, i'll call you, hon, when i get there ♪ ♪ ten minutes later, he was in the air ♪ ♪ she dropped the kids at school and headed home ♪ ♪ walked in and turned the front room tv on ♪ ♪ she could tell that there was something wrong ♪ ♪ every channel had the same thing on ♪
6:56 am
♪ nine years have come and gone away ♪ ♪ but she's still hurtin' like it's yesterday ♪ ♪ but she wants to put her arms around his neck ♪ ♪ and look in his eyes, so blue ♪ ♪ and say, honey, i don't regret ♪ ♪ a single day i spent with you ♪ ♪ she wants to tell him that she loves him so ♪ ♪ will until the day she dies ♪ even yet, she can't let him go ♪ ♪ she just wants to say good-bye ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ he sits beside her in the nursing home ♪ ♪ through her silver hair, he
6:57 am
runs a comb ♪ ♪ he hangs their wedding picture on the wall ♪ ♪ she don't remember who he is, at all ♪ ♪ he tells her stories 'bout the life they've lived, from their kiss to their last grand kids ♪ ♪ for seven months now, she just sits and stares ♪ ♪ she wakes up, he's going to be right there ♪ ♪ 'cause he wants to put his arms around her neck ♪ ♪ and look in her eyes, so blue ♪ ♪ and say, honey, i won't forget ♪ ♪ a single day i spent with you ♪ ♪ he wants to tell her that he loves her so ♪ ♪ and will until the day he dies ♪
6:58 am
♪ and in that he can't let her go ♪ ♪ he just wants to say good-bye ♪ ♪ though it ain't that we can't let them go ♪ ♪ we just want to say good-byeeeeee ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ -- captions by vitac -- ♪ she wants to put her arms around his neck ♪
6:59 am
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